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Its goal is comprehensive education focused not only on expanding knowledge and skills (both academic and communication or social), but also on the development of one’s personality and shaping the attitudes of tolerance, understanding, and responsibility. As classes in international schools are conducted in a foreign language (usually English), they provide extraordinary language skills development opportunities. At Milestone International School we also offer a wide range of additional language classes.

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The goal of our ESL programs at Milestone is to help students achieve comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing competence in the English language to help students keep grade status and to enable students to meet graduation standards.


Mathematics is the language of nature. We learn Math to understand nature better and to develop new products inspired by nature. Moreover, the study of mathematics makes you better at solving problems. Taking steps to solve the problem can be a very important strategy that applies to other issues in life.

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Science for Milestone is of utmost importance because it expands students’ understanding of life. It helps them to understand nature and the universe and obtain solutions for everyday life. It increases students’ developmental critical thinking.


The future of the world is centered on the type of men society produces. Social Studies mold learners into global citizens. It is the only subject tailored to address a range of issues that develop mankind towards a sustainable global community. Social Studies prepares the child for the real world. It equips the child with life skills. Social Studies serves as a springboard and orientation into real society. A background in Social Studies helps students make better decisions when confronted with new situations.


Geography is an Earth Science studying the earth and its environment.  It is so wide that it branches into various levels of specialization as one climbs up the ladder. Geography enables humanity to grasp the cause and effect of mankind’s actions on earth. It is through geographic inquiry that mankind is now living in space-age. Geography has been there since the dawn of mankind as evidenced by early explorations and expeditions that made mankind reach all corners of the earth. Through Geography, humanity has come to realize the vulnerability of the earth thus now becoming conscious of sustainable practices that can extend life on earth. Geography serves as the foundation of other professions such as aviation, astronomy, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Without Geography, world citizens are ignorant of their home and what surrounds their planet.


Chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. Why do leaves change color in the fall? Why are plants green? How is cheese made? What is in soap and how does it clean? These are all questions that can be answered by applying chemistry.

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Physics is simply all around us and to explore ourselves and the universe we must study physics. Physics studies everything from the very small, to the very big, galaxies and of course everything in between. It examines why something is moving, how is it moving, how is it moving like this and not any other way, and what is happening when it is moving, so physics is a science subject, but it is also the art of questions and in the question, lies half the answer. Physics helps us to understand the logic behind everything so this absurd life around us will make sense.


Biology is at the heart of many social and economic issues. As a field of science, biology helps us understand the living world and the ways its many species (including humans) function, evolve, and interact. Advances in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, and many other areas of biology have brought improvements in the quality of life.

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History is more than studying the past.  As we study history, students develop the skills to think critically about our world’s past and present. By understanding the people and events that came before us, we can establish a brighter future. Studying history helps us understand and grapple with complex questions and dilemmas by examining how the past has shaped (and continues to shape) global, national, and local relationships between societies and people.


TOK aims to make students aware of the interpretative nature of knowledge, including personal ideological biases – whether these biases are retained, revised, or rejected. TOK course offers students the opportunity to; reflect critically on diverse ways of knowing and on areas of knowledge and consider the role and nature of knowledge in their own culture, in the cultures of others, and the wider world.

Theory of knowledge (TOK) provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know. It, therefore, demonstrates how the student can apply their knowledge with greater awareness and credibility.


“Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives.”  (Ayn Rand). Throughout the Ethics course, students will be able to address questions about morality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, the noble and the ignoble, right, and wrong, justice, and virtue, and more, explored by different theories of ethics.


Psychology is the study and understanding of the human mind. It allows the student to perceive the world and behavior around them in a better way. It opens the gate for better communication and problem-solving techniques.


Business is the key to investment and risk-taking. However, when taught with strategic planning and effective tools, it would be guaranteed better. Setting a Business plan and implementation is the aim of this course.

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Global politics is an exciting, dynamic subject that draws on a variety of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, reflecting the complex nature of many contemporary political issues. The study of global politics enables students to critically engage with different and new perspectives and approaches to politics to comprehend the challenges of the changing world and become aware of their role in it as active global citizens.

The global politics course explores fundamental political concepts such as power, equality, sustainability, and peace in a range of contexts. It allows students to develop an understanding of the local, national, international, and global dimensions of political activity and processes, as well as to explore political issues affecting their own lives. The course helps students to understand abstract political concepts by grounding them in real-world examples and case studies. It also invites comparisons between such examples and case studies to ensure a wider and transnational perspective.


“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going, “said Rita Mae Brown American writer. First, Arabic is spoken in many countries, it’s essential to understanding the world’s second-largest religion, Islam. secondly, Arabic can connect you to a rich history and another civilization. Also studying Arabic will offer you multiple perspectives and an understanding of Arab culture today. Not to mention that Arabic grammar and literature are so much fun to learn in our school

 للغة العربية هويتنا ولا يمكن أن يكون تعلم اللغة الاجنبية إنجاز دون تعلم وإتقان اللغة الأم

تعلم اللغة العربية بقلبك فقيمة البشر تزداد كلما كانت اللغة التي يتحدثون بها مرنة وخالدة وشريفة

نسعى للأخذ بيد طلابنا في رحلة الإبداع والمعرفة بطريقة سلسة ومعاصرة وفعاليات متنوعة وأنشطة كثيرة


Le français est la deuxième langue étrangère la plus enseignée au monde après l’anglais, et sur tous les continents. 200 million de personnes parlent français sur les 5 continents. La Francophonie regroupe 68 États et gouvernements : Le Canada, la Suisse, la Belgique. La France dispose enfin du plus grand réseau d’établissements culturels à l’étranger où sont dispensés des cours de français à plus de 750 000 personnes.


The goal of the ICT and Robotics class is the desire in young minds for learning through a series of hands-on applications of math, science, and engineering concepts that help them exercise their problem-solving and creative skills in a fun and exciting learning environment. It fosters a creative and stimulating environment and emphasizes each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual development and the following skills

  • Teaches through discovery (Cause and Effect learning)
  • Numeracy Competence with numbers and measures
  • Gives visual grasp of math and science
  • Builds logical thinking
  • Brings out innovation and creativity
  • Enhances problem-solving skills
  • Develops teamwork
  • Helps in absorbing future technologies with ease
  • Self-Management


The major aim of Counselling Services at Milestone is to encourage students’ academic, social, emotional, and personal development. To reach this aim, counseling services help students get to know themselves better and find effective solutions to their daily problems. hey also help students improve themselves in all areas and be full-functioning individuals. Counselors monitor students’ development and according to their needs, they give students necessary support such as helping them to understand themselves and their needs, to solve their problems, to make realistic decisions, improve their abilities and skills, and healthily adjust themselves to their environment. Students can go to professional counselors to seek advice. The goal of every session with the school counselor is to help students thrive and recognize their strengths, as well as improve their interpersonal skills.

While implementing counseling services, showing respect to individual differences is essential. Continuity and willingness are vital in guidance, and confidentiality is essential in psychological counseling. In the guidance and counseling services, the student and his/her needs are at the center. While supporting him/her counselors cooperate with the administrators, teachers, parents, and other staff members if it’s necessary.

Working with the teachers and administrators is another service that is given by the counselors. Preparing handouts, providing information about the student for the staff or contacting outside experts to get a consultation, and preparing handouts for the parents about parenting-related topics.


Learning can be linked to dinner parties. When the learning process is dull, students tend to lose focus. Conversely, when they are lively, students maintain their focus and even better grasp what they are being taught. Student engagement is key to student learning and success.

At MIS we structure students’ learning journey by making it more engaging and this results in stronger achievement in subjects, a stronger satisfaction with their learning experience, and increases in the rate at which students graduate. Student engagement refers to the degree of curiosity, optimism, interest, attention, and passion students portray when undertaking any subject at Milestone. 

Here at MIS, we strive to connect the students learning process to the real world. Many students often wonder how some of the things they learn at Milestone school will impact their lives. The best way of connecting such thoughts is by engaging students with content that they know has relevance to them beyond their school life. Teachers at MIS can achieve this by using real-life examples and case studies outside the classroom when handling various topics.

Our students at Milestone occasionally are organized into small groups to break the monotony of reading books predominantly. Study groups enable students to share their perspectives on different subjects with their peers. Consequently, it helps them become more articulate in presenting their viewpoint. 

Milestone has a contemporary approach to learning, based on leading educational research. Through the use of flexible learning spaces and teacher expertise, we aim to achieve the best outcomes for every child. The school design and adaptability of spaces make it easy to navigate through the school and are designed to maximize learning benefits.


There is always an argument that extracurricular activities are not so much important in a child’s life. At Milestone we believe it to be different, it is important for the development of the child, and extra activities are also most important in a student’s life. Students are pressurized during exams, and they have performance pressure to of gaining good grades. In such conditions, there is a need for some extra activities. You cannot force a student to just read books and become intelligent.

Extra activities are also important for the overall development of students. Sometimes when a school offers sports and extra activities parents do not allow their children to participate. Some students also feel that they do not need the activities, all they need is to concentrate on their books in many schoolteachers must convince parents to permit their children to participate in activities. Parents feel that extra activities will distract their children from their studies.

Co-curricular activities are important just as academics. When a student is made to do academics and co-curricular activities then only a well-rounded development of the student is done

Students have lots of activities to choose from. Cultural activities, sports activities, competitions, house-on duties, and a lot more. Some students are even interested in more than one activity, and they do participate in both keeping in mind their academics.


Students who participate in extra activities get better grades. This is because of the skills they learn from participating in different activities. Students learn to manage time, and organizational skills, and improve self-confidence. Students also learn to express themselves in a better way.

Students participating in extra-curricular activities learn new skills which are useful in school life. Skills like teamwork, time management, management of any activity, how to lead a group, and many more extra skills. Students who participate in sports and other activities have better leadership skills and learn how to grow and build relations with one another.

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities learn how to commit to a particular thing they are involved in. Extracurricular activities are of utmost importance in a student’s life. Students who get involved in extra activities meet new people and because of that their social skills are improved. Students can expand their network which is also beneficial in finding better career opportunities.


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