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At Milestone Preschool

We are dedicated to providing children with the highest quality care to equip them with essential skills. We believe that children are individual, unique seeds, and that we are the rich soil that supplies the required nutrients for the seed to grow.

For these seeds to thrive and flourish, special considerations must be made. They need to be showered with the affection, care, and attention that each seed demands. Subsequently, when they’re ready to leave preschool, they’ll have blossomed into a variety of vibrant flowers with distinct characteristics.

Milestone preschool’s learning journey is a joyous and memorable experience in which children learn through theme-based and skills-based education to build a socially and emotionally developed generation.

We collaborate closely with families to help children acquire the abilities which would prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. To assist in the child’s whole development, we create a supportive environment that stimulates learning through exploration and discovery. We believe in providing them with a setting in which they can hone their social skills, build confidence and develop an interest in the world around them.

Value Education Plan (VEP)

Every week, our youngsters are taught a new set of etiquette. They address topics such as meal etiquette, bathroom etiquette, public place etiquette, and much more to educate children on appropriate social behaviour and build their social skills.

Theme-based learning

Our learning is structured around various themes to encourage creativity, improve their learning experience, and make learning enjoyable. Through theme play and learning, children can enhance their skills & express their ideas.

Learn about their surroundings

Each week we cover a country, flag, and capital, and the children learn about each country, its capital, and flag. This will give them a sense of belonging while also helping them gain confidence.

Amazing Friday Programm

We have a role-playing day on Fridays where the students may put what they've learned into practice. We dedicated Fridays for drama, role play and activities that inspire their creativity and ignite their imagination

Life skills

our kids acquire a new life skill weekly. They learn things like how to properly fold their clothes, brush their teeth, and problem-solving.

Community work and character traits

We instil in our children the value of community work and encourage family participation. From a young age, we work to ingrain in our children the importance of giving back to and supporting the community in which they live. We also introduce a character trait each week to help our children develop their best qualities.

Preschool Academic Learning Journey

We offer wonderful adventures to our children with a bookless theme-based learning concept which focuses on skill-centric education to produce a socio-emotionally developed generation. Every theme has its own specialty to make learning more vibrant and fuel children's natural curiosity.

Nature based

Students explore nature-related skills and concepts. This subject gives students an opportunity to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and pleasant place. Students learn new skills while having fun through play. Students develop self-confidence and teamwork through various activities, such as tending to plants and growing their own food together.

They harvest different types of veggies they’ve  grow and turn them into tasty nutrient-rich snacks  for their growing body. Our students enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. 


When literacy class is a harmonious mixture of phonics, storytelling, songs, blending and segmenting, then you know that you are in Milestone Preschool.

During Literacy class, students not only improve their conversational English, they also learn to take turns speaking and to respect others. Students improve their listening skills and gain more self-confidence.



By the end of the year, our students will be able to write simple sentences, read short story books and recognize many tricky words.


We use a lot of creative media like sand, water, imaginative play, dough and even nature to guide our students in learning about the basic skills in math. They develop an understanding in numbers, sorting shapes, addition, subtraction, fractions, pattern creation, simple monetary problem solving and so much more!

As part of numeracy class, we let our children watch the plants grow. As their plants grow, students measure them using simple items such as blocks, rocks or even sticks!

Make & Take

We are the first preschool in Turkey adopting this concept: an art space where students can freely experiment (and get messy!) with a variety of mediums and techniques such as finger painting, color mixing, building three-dimensional objects and lots more.

The art space also provides a variety of sensory materials for the students to create and work with, such as homemade playdough and silly putty.


Milestone Preschool offers a unique subject: The Happiness. Here, the students are exposed to interactive learning about the peaceful religion of Islam and the “ibadat” (practices) that come with it.

They will learn Hadith and Quran, including memorizing many short surah in the appropriate way. 

Students learn Arabic language. In Arabic class they will explore the richness of this language by learning how to speak in Fusha, and read and write simple Arabic words! 

Drop everything and read!

We believe, at Milestone international Preschool, that reading can increase a person’s empathy, helping them imagine others’ emotions and circumstances.

Reading to children and encouraging them to develop their literacy habits is one of the most important commitments to make at this essential age. We believe reading has a profound impact on a child’s mental health, academic abilities and thinking processes.

Milestone Pre School Graduation Day


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