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2023 – 2024 Academic Year

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Is the school accredited, and if so, by what accrediting agency?

  • COGNIA, a globally recognized accreditation company, ensures our compliance with the highest standards in education.

What curriculum does the school follow?

  • MIS follows Pearson Curriculum

How many terms does the school have?

  • We have 4 terms divided over two semesters as per Pearson Curriculum

What are the school timings?

  • School timings are from 9:00 am till 3:15 pm.

How many students you have per division?

  • We strive to maintain a ratio of 22 students in each class

What is the FEE structure?

Are there other charges, such as school uniforms, books, and meals?

  • The school uniforms, books, and meals are excluded from the fees

What is the admission procedure?

  • For those seeking admission, a placement test will be conducted with the student where he/she should be in person. We do not offer placement tests online. The final decision of the admission committee will be put forward to the parents and the student.

Do the school authorities take adequate measures to ensure hygiene in the school?

  • MIS maintains a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. There are regular checks and monitoring by the school administration as well as the principal of the school.

What is the kind of security offered to the students?

  • The school has installed CCTV in hallways and most places. Students are always accompanied by teachers, or class monitors when they are moving from one block to the other.

How often will there be Parent-Teacher Meetings?

  • After each term assessment

Other than Parent-Teacher Meeting, when can a parent interact with the teacher?

  • MIS considers parents as partners in the educational process and are free to meet teachers, with prior appointment, whenever they feel the need to. In addition, parents can use our school application to directly message the teachers, principals, and supervisors to inquire about any issue related to their children.

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