Milestone International School



Cultures Day

Milestone School recently held a multicultural day to celebrate the diversity of its student body and promote cross-cultural understanding. Students from different backgrounds and nationalities participated in the event, showcasing their unique customs, traditions, and cuisines.

The day began with a parade of flags, where students proudly waved the flags of their countries of origin. This was followed by cultural performances, including music, dance, and poetry recitation. The students displayed impressive skills and creativity, and the audience was captivated by the vibrant display of cultures.

In addition, there were various exhibits showcasing different aspects of each culture. Students created informative displays about their countries, including landmarks, famous people, and traditional attire. There were also food stalls selling delicious dishes from different parts of the world, allowing everyone to taste and appreciate the diverse flavors and cuisines.

The event also included interactive activities, such as calligraphy, henna painting, and traditional games. This gave the students a chance to learn more about each other’s cultures and engage in fun and educational activities.