Milestone International School

Who We Are

Milestone International School

is a proud member of SENI AEMS – Akkad International Educational Management Systems.

AEMS has expanded programs in different regions of the Middle East, including Jordan, Iraq, and now, Turkey! AEMS partners with COGNIA, a globally-recognized accreditation company, to ensure our compliance with the highest standards in education.

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What We Believe

At Milestone, we maintain a holistic learning community that families can call home. Innovative teaching styles are matched with existing, robust curriculum to allow every student to reach their full learning potential. 

We dedicate ourselves to igniting imaginations through stimulating problem-solving and critical-thinking projects that develop foundational skills, knowledge and socio-emotional sensitivities. 

Our Learning

We establish an environment of success for learners by ensuring that our students are taught to the standards of US Common Core and California Department of Education. We utilize digital devices to enhance learning and digital literacy skills. We cultivate the values of our students through reflection, arts and music, and social and emotional understanding. We develop students’ physical abilities through movement, using equipment. We instill the practice of teamwork and creativity in the classroom, in physical education and in our extra curricular activities as well. We strive to strengthen young minds and prepare them for a prosperous future. 

Our Location
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